PetsWhat You Need to Know About CBD and Your Pet

Perhaps you have a canine companion who’s getting older and moving around isn’t as easy as it was before (happens to the best of us). Or, you have a feline friend who hates road trips and you’re moving three states away. You know that CBD helps you, but is it safe for your pet?

Yes! Just like humans, cats and dogs also have an endocannabinoid system. And, it performs many of the same functions like helping to regulate stress and inflammation. Therefore, for the same reasons that it works for us, it will also work for them. But before you start giving your pet your CBD oil, there are a few things to consider first.

What CBD can do for your pet

There are many ways CBD can make your cat or dog feel better, but a couple of the main conditions pet owners use it for are anxiety and pain.

Anxiety is a common issue for pets. For cats, they can get extremely jumpy when they are in a new environment and dogs often have difficulties with being separated from their owners. When pets are anxious it leads to bad behavior and eventually it leads to poor health caused by chronic stress. One of the ways CBD helps is by inhibiting your animal’s production of cortisol (the stress hormone) which is responsible for a lot of the negative impacts stress can have on our bodies.

Senior pets often have issues with arthritis. It is difficult as a loving pet owner to see your best friend in pain and it makes it even harder when you feel helpless because you don’t know what to do to help. Based on research, CBD may provide the relief your pet needs. In one study, researchers gave CBD to dogs with osteoarthritis and reported a marked decrease in pain and an increase in activity level.

Other conditions that pet owners use CBD for are seizures, appetite and general well-being.

How to give your pet CBD

You wouldn’t give medication that was prescribed to you to your pet, and the same goes with CBD. Luckily, there are companies that have made it their mission to offer high quality products specifically for animals. Some options include capsules, tinctures and even CBD dog treats. Make sure to check the labels for dosage information.

Which mode of CBD delivery you choose depends on the size of your pet, what you are treating and what you think your pet will let you do. For instance, if you don’t think your cat will let you stick a capsule in its mouth, you may want to use a tincture which can easily be added to their food.

Talk to your vet before you start your pet on CBD just in case, especially if they have a chronic health condition. If you already have and you’re ready to try CBD for your pet, check out our selection of products expertly curated by people who love their pets as much as you love yours.

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